Reaching net-zero one building at a time.

Connect TES has a decarbonization agenda: to increase the adoption of low carbon energy systems in British Columbia’s building sector.  

The building sector is one of Canada’s leading sources of greenhouse gas emissions, with a significant portion originating from fossil fuel combustion for space heating and cooling.  

To offer low-carbon energy alternatives, Connect implements and operates thermal energy systems in new developments. These systems offer a more sustainable, efficient, and budget-friendly source for heating and cooling.

Connect’s most recent project focused on supporting the low-carbon transition of One Water Street – a strata development in Kelowna, BC. To do so, Connect partnered with Vancity Community Investment Bank (VCIB) to purchase a thermal energy system that would become the sole source of heating and cooling within the building.

In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving energy-efficiency, One Water Street’s thermal energy system is promoting an environmentally friendly power grid, setting a high bar for the sustainability of BC’s new developments.  

As part of the Vancity group, VCIB uses finance to drive lasting environmental change. VCIB’s team of clean energy experts has supported the development or installation of more than 1,650 clean energy or energy efficiency projects across Canada.


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