Giving more groups the tools to join the clean energy trades.

Shortage of skilled labour has become a pressing challenge in most skilled trades industries across Canada, and in BC in particular. Women and other racialized groups face systemic barriers to participation and are underrepresented in trades.  

With Vancity’s support, the Electrical Joint Training Committee (EJTC) is working to change that.  

EJTC’s technical training programs are helping women – as well as youth, Indigenous and newcomer apprentices – develop the skills needed to have a successful career in the clean energy trade. The programs offer wraparound support with the goal of training a highly skilled, future-ready workforce that reflects the communities they work in.

Vancity has been a partner of EJTC’s since 2019 to support their solar capture infrastructure training and its efforts to create a more diverse and inclusive workforce.  

Since then, EJTC has trained 250 apprentices, of which 12% are women and 14% are Indigenous students – an increase of 8% and 10% from previous programs, respectively.  

Vancity impact.

In early 2021, Vancity set a goal of net-zero across its loans and mortgages by 2040. One of the ways we’re achieving this is by investing in innovative, worker-centred programs like EJTC’s. Supporting the creation of an equitable workforce that will help us build a clean economy.

Vancity continues to work with and provide grants to EJTC and another Vancity member, Western JETS Training Centre, to support their electrical training programs – to support the labour force of the future.


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