Rethink climate and the economy

We must work towards a climate transition that puts people at its centre and leaves no one behind.


Since our founding, Vancity has consistently used the tools of finance and our community relationships to expand economic opportunity, improve the wellbeing of our members, and make our communities better for everyone. We continue working to remove barriers to wellbeing and opportunity, whether such barriers stem from legacies of discrimination and exclusion, systemic inequities, or major crises.

The looming climate emergency is the next major crisis on our doorstep. It requires immediate action to transition to a clean economy, recovering the economy post-COVID while drastically reducing emissions. But this transition will fail if some people are left behind by the effects of a dramatically changing world.

Our commitments

A new economy is needed – a resilient economy that works for everyone and aligns people, planet, and prosperity. Vancity is committing to bold action to help realize this vision.

Net-zero by 2040

Our ambition is to make Vancity net-zero by 2040 across all our mortgages and loans. That means the carbon emitted from anything we finance will be eliminated or significantly reduced, with any remaining emissions being brought to net-zero. We’ll start this work by setting our first target for 2025.

Financing an equitable climate transition

Unaddressed, climate change – like the pandemic – will change how we work and live, and will drive further inequality. We will focus our work in financial and social inclusion to provide banking and other solutions to help people who are affected by the climate emergency, as well as those seeking support in transitioning to cleaner and more sustainable living.

Investing in a better future

We will help our members invest for the future we need by offering only responsible investment options that can demonstrate the integrity of their Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) screening and stewardship process.

Be transparent and accountable

We will encourage change within the financial services sector by accurately measuring and openly reporting on how our own actions are improving the well-being of people, communities and the environment. We aim to continue implementing, testing, and helping improve emerging international standards for climate and impact reporting.

Walk the talk in all we do

We will live our values in our daily decision-making in order to serve the diverse needs of our members, staff, and communities. We will do our part across our operations to contribute to a just climate transition.

Anti-racism Statement

Our commitment to inclusion

Vancity is committed to becoming an anti-racist organization. It means we believe Black lives matter. It means Reconciliation is one of our core values. And it means we will continue to use the tools of finance and banking to expand economic opportunity for everyone regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or ability. Nobody should be left behind.