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Fourteen Vancouverites signed a charter in September 1946 to start an open-bond credit union where all are welcome.

Inclusion continues to be Vancity’s cornerstone.

Vancity was the first bank or credit union in Canada to lend to women without requiring a man to cosign the loan. It was also the first to provide mortgage lending to the working class and immigrant families living east of Cambie Street in Vancouver.

Make sense of money.

Basic financial skills provide independence and support resilient communities. Vancity offers financial literacy workshops for everyone.

Not everyone has the same definition of wealth and financial resilience. It's why Wealth Mindset was created by and for Indigenous people.

Bounce back from tough times.

Vancity is committed to helping members through tough times, including unexpected expenses, avoiding eviction or recovering from financial hardships.

Whether you need trusted advice to plan for tomorrow or a helping hand today, we’re here.

Equity and access to finance.

Essential financial services such as a basic bank account or loans is something most of us take for granted. Many people don’t have easy and affordable access to these services. The result is limited economic opportunities and often financial hardship for some members of society.

We believe we have a responsibility—and the tools—to help. When more people have fair access to finance, it helps support the diversity in Canada’s economy and strengthens our communities.

Pigeon Park Savings provides affordable basic banking services to people living on low incomes in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.

Cormorant Island Community Branch provides banking services and helps build a sustainable local economy in this remote Indigenous community.

Unity Women Entrepreneurship Program offers start-up and growth funding options, plus wraparound business support tailored to the unique needs of women.

Financial foundation for newcomers.

For many newcomers—including immigrants, refugees and displaced people—the Canadian financial system can be daunting to navigate. We make it easier by being present at ISSofBC Welcome Centres and providing membership guides in many languages.

Vancity helps internationally trained professionals have their credentials recognized and gain related employment in Canada.

We are proud to be working with community partners and the provincial government of B.C. to provide financial service support for displaced Ukrainians.



Vancity is the first financial institution in Canada to offer open mortgages.

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Vancity is the first financial institution in Canada to provide mortgages to women without a male co-signer. At the time, even if a woman had an income, banks deemed it too risky to provide any loans, let alone mortgages, to women.

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Vancity introduces Plan 24 - the first daily interest savings account in Canada which provides a fairer and more accurate way to pay and charge interest. The account model takes off helping credit unions prosper over the next decade.

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BC Unity Credit Union (BCUCU), the first credit union to serve the Black community in Vancouver, merges with Vancity.

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Vancity joins the first international ATM network (The Exchange) and becomes the first financial institution to offer tax preparation service to its regular members.

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Vancity is the first full-service financial institution to offer its own socially-responsible mutual funds - the Vancity Circadian Funds.

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Vancity offers Canada's first socially responsible mutual fund, the Ethical Growth Fund.

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Vancity is the first Canadian financial institution to offer a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP).

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Vancity is the first credit union in Canada to participate in the First Nations Market Housing Fund, which facilitates and broadens the range of housing options for residents of First Nations communities.

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Vancity becomes the largest organization in Canada to adopt the Living Wage policy of paying employees and service providers a wage that meets their basic living needs.

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Vancity launches the Fair and Fast Loan, a sustainable alternative to a payday lender. The loan offers a manageable rate, more flexible payback schedule, and eligibility based on your income—not your credit score.

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Vancity opens the Cormorant Island Community Branch; a partnership with the ‘Namgis First Nation and the Village of Alert Bay.

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Vancity responds to the COVID pandemic by cutting credit card interest rates to 0%.

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Pigeon Park Savings becomes the only bank in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside to remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

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Created with guidance from Elders and our Indigenous colleagues, Vancity develops Wealth Mindset - an Indigenous taught and led financial education workshop that builds financial skills and celebrates Indigenous resilience.

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Vancity announced a Financial Health & Inclusion target: To increase the percentage of members who feel confident about successfully managing their financial situation from 74% in 2023 to 80% by 2030.

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