Vancity’s Indigenous Employee Resource Group.

Canada’s history of colonialism paired with the legacy of the residential school system continues to negatively affect the lives of Indigenous people across the country, who are often encountering financial barriers that stem from systemic exclusion and inequalities.  

In the workplace, Indigenous Peoples are frequently underrepresented and are surrounded by colleagues who don’t understand their culture, history, or the burdens they carry.

To help break some of these barriers and foster a diverse and inclusive workplace, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) have formed within many organizations to serve their communities. An ERG is an employee-led group usually formed by employees that share something in common – whether it’s gender, ethnicity, religion, etc.  

Vancity’s Indigenous (First Nations, Inuit, and Metis) Employee Resource Group was formed with the aim to foster an environment that builds trust and compassion while promoting learning and inclusion. To date, our Indigenous ERG consists of 20 members and 1 executive sponsor.  


Vancity impact.  

Vancity was founded in 1946 with the purpose of providing financial services to every individual regardless of their background, making diversity integral to our existence. Today, we continue our commitment towards becoming an anti-racist organization rooted in inclusivity and social equality.

Our Indigenous ERG is an essential part of carrying our Reconciliation efforts as an organization, it helps create an inclusive culture where every employee has equal opportunities to learn and grow.

The mission statement of Vancity’s Indigenous ERG includes: Supporting initiatives that promote career opportunities and remove barriers, indigenizing financial education throughout the organization, fostering relationship building, and honouring Indigenous cultural events in the communities we serve.


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