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finances an equitable climate transition.

The climate emergency will affect all of us, changing the way we live, work and play. However, some of us are more vulnerable to its impacts, and will bear more of its burdens, while others are better positioned to adapt their lives to the clean economy of the future.

Vancity believes that communities that are resilient can better confront the climate crisis and its impacts. That’s why our financial inclusion work is focused on providing financial products and expert advice for people most affected by climate change, as well as those seeking support in transitioning to cleaner and more sustainable living.

We have programs to support non-profit housing providers in improving the comfort and energy efficiency of their buildings. We create products and services that empower people to take action, including the Planet-Wise™ Home Renovation Loans for those wanting to make renovations their climate action, or the Planet-Wise Business Guide for Climate Action to help businesses take actions to reduce or avoid generating greenhouse gas emissions. Vancity offers a free Home Energy Advice service that provides personalized guidance to help members navigate home energy upgrades with an expert by their side.

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