Supporting Vancouver Island's local circular economy and food security.

The Synergy Foundation was created back in 2013 by a group of passionate community members and leaders seeking to lead the transition towards a green economy.  

With Vancity’s support, what started as a small operation has turned into a west coast leader in environmental resiliency.  

Since its inception, the Vancouver Island-based foundation has launched four core programs focused on supporting green businesses, food security, and a circular economy.  

With support from Shared Success, the program through which Vancity shares 30% of its net profits with members and communities, Vancity granted $296,000 in funding for Synergy Foundation initiatives.

“We’ve just begun the third of our three-year partnership, focusing on the Vancouver Island Green Business Collective, Project Zero and other programming,” says Community Investment Portfolio Manager Michelle Bonner.  

Offering healthy and affordable food during the pandemic.

A unique feature of this foundation, explained Michelle, is their ability to adapt to new challenges.  

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the foundation recognized that those facing barriers to healthy, affordable food would be disproportionately affected. As a result, Synergy launched My FED Farm through their Food Eco District initiative.

The result? Garden kits and educational resources were distributed to 1,115 people in 514 households, generating the potential to grow 10,000 lbs of nutritious and sustainable food.  

Now in its third year, the project supports individual households and community organizations to grow food and foster community connections.  

As a values-based co-operative, Vancity takes measurable actions to address systemic barriers and support a sustainable and community-oriented economy. This includes working with members and partners to build a fair and clean economy.


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